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NEW!  Our New Series For Children With An Incarcerated Parent
The child has many questions about what will happen and, throughout the story, his questions are answered. Both books include activities for children and tips for parents and professionals.

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Mommies and Daddies in Jail and Moms and Dads Come Home From Jail
Children, who are victims of their parent's crimes, are often afraid and confused by the changes in their own lives. Their questions and deeply felt concerns are not always addressed.

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  • In the Margins
    In the Margins strives to find the best books for teens living in poverty, on the streets, in custody - or a cycle of all three. Our charge is to seek out and highlight the best fiction and non-fiction titles (Pre-K through adult) of high-interest appeal to youth ages 9-21 living in poverty, on the streets, or in custody, with a preference for marginalized books (small, independent press or self-published). Youth feedback is a critical factor in both book nomination and selection. For more information about In the Margins visit their website:
  • "Echoes of Incarceration"
    This film, produced by teens with incarcerated parents, intercuts the stories of four young people with the voices of experts and advocates in the field, and creates an emotional, compelling case for the importance of ongoing parental contact. The DVD has been shown in prisons, universities, trainings around the country, with highly enthusiastic feedback wherever its been shown.
  • Sesame Workshop: "Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration"
    Sesame Street's new Little Children, Big Challenges program is a series of online tool kits for children and their parents dealing with adversity. Issues include not just prison, but also bullying, divorce and relocation. The tool kit contains videos, activities and handouts offering advice, encouragement and games for when they visit Mom or Dad in jail.
  • Yasmine Arrington
    ScholarCHIPS is a non-profit dedicated to raising college scholarship dollars for the children of incarcerated parents.
  • Service Network for Children of Inmates
    A network of faith-based and professional organizations in Miami, Florida coordinates services to strengthen the bond between children and their imprisoned parents and mitigate the trauma caused by the separation.